How to Manage Your Plumbing System in Time for the Coming Seasons

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With each season that comes and goes, you have to ensure your home’s systems are always in good condition. That way, you don’t have to face unwanted situations that will affect your comfort and safety.

Part of maintaining a household is having a working plumbing system that can weather the cold that winter brings and the warmth and rain showers of spring and summer. The best thing you can do to prepare your pipes for each incoming season is to call a professional plumbing company to ensure your plumbing system is up to date. Other than that, you should go out of your way to inspect them yourself for any possible issues.

Keep reading below to find out some ways you can take care of your pipes.

Check Your Faucets and Sinks

It’s essential to always be on the look-out if you find any signs of seeping or leaking water, especially if your sink, bathtub, or shower is involved. You should also observe the exposed pipes underneath your sink, basement, and utility room for possible indications of deterioration.

An emergency plumber should handle pipes with visible signs of corrosion right away to prevent your water system from becoming affected in the long run. If you want to spend the spring or summer without problems, you need to get the replacement while it’s still early.

Watch Out For Sweating Pipes

Sweating pipes are a common summertime problem. This usually occurs when the water inside your pipes is significantly colder than the outdoor air. In such an occurrence, the result is a pipe that “sweats,” wherein moisture appears on the surface of the pipes.

While there is no evident leak in such instances, this still leads to a waste of water. As such, the best thing to do in such a scenario is to wrap up the pipes in the same way you would during winter.

Be Cautious Of Leaking Toilets

In some circumstances, encountering a leaking toilet not only significantly affects your water bills but can also cause damage to your bathroom floors. One easy way to find out if your toilet is leaking is if you discover a puddle around it.

A leaking toilet may mean you’re having a malfunctioning joint or a damaged seal, which is supposed to prevent the water from escaping. If the situation remains untreated, it could get worse and affect not only your floors but the ceiling below it as well.

Inspect Your Washing Machine

Besides your bathroom’s plumbing system, you should also make an effort to check your laundry system. Since you use your washing machine regularly, you may want to observe the area near it for possible drips and leaks that you aren’t aware of. You should also take a look at your unit’s hoses for potential damage in the form of cracks and swelling.

If your washing machine uses rubber hoses, you can expect it to depreciate due to constant wear and tear. Typical hoses can last for about five years, so if you’ve been using your washing machine for more than that, it’s best to purchase new hoses to continue utilizing your unit.


Before each new season arrives, you have to double-check if everything is in order regarding your plumbing system. It will help to spend time checking your faucets and sinks and watch out for sweating pipes, leaking toilets, and rundown washing machines. In the event that you experience a piping issue, it’s best to call for emergency plumbing services immediately to remedy the situation.

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