5 Plumbing Emergencies That Require Immediate Attention

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Some minimal plumbing problems can wait and even be addressed on your own by learning the basics from video tutorials or books. However, other issues require immediate attention and leave you seeking the expertise of highly trained emergency plumbers. Here are some common emergencies that you should watch out for and require a professional plumber’s immediate attention:

– Leaky Faucets, Toilets, Water Heaters, or Washing Machine Hoses

Leaks from your toilet, faucet, water heater, or washing machine hose don’t seem like a big deal at first, but they can make you waste water and lots of money as your utility bill rises. They can even cause rust to develop, which can promote mould growth. Worse, they can damage your property and require you a new water heater when the wall has completely rusted through. So when you see leaks or a bulging or cracked hose behind your washer, seek plumbing services right away to prevent the problem from becoming more serious.  

– Clogged Sinks, Toilets, Shower Drains, or Bathtubs

Slow drains caused by hair buildup and soap scum are not necessarily considered plumbing emergencies, but they can cause inconvenience. But suppose the clog in your toilet, shower drain, bathtub, or sink gets worse, and the water flow completely stops. 

In that case, it can waste so much of your time as it significantly slows down the way you wash your clothes and dishes, brush your teeth, or do other daily activities that involve using running water. If your drain gets clogged, leaks, refuses to flush, or makes strange gurgling sounds, it’s best to hire experts. This way, you can prevent structural damage or health hazards.

– Malfunctioning Water Heater

Taking a warm bath is one of the best ways to relax after a long, exhausting day. But when you experience a water heater malfunction, electrical issue, or plumbing leak, the water can suddenly go ice-cold after you hop into the tub, light some fragrant candles, and soap up with your favourite fizzy bath bomb. Request assistance from your utility company and ask why you have no hot water or hire professional plumbers immediately to resolve the problem quickly.

– Sewer System Backup

Sewer system backup involves foul sewage odours coming from your drains, gurgling toilets, water pooling around your floor drains, and multiple drain clogs. This plumbing emergency is inconvenient, messy, and expensive, which means you have to call skilled emergency plumbers right away to have your sewer system fixed.

– Burst Pipes

Your pipes can burst during long, freezing winters, especially in the unheated areas in your home. The damage can be costly and inconvenient, but fortunately, you can take preventive measures to avoid it in the first place. 

If you have a frozen pipe, thaw it out by wrapping it with electrical heat tape. On the other hand, problems that require a complete pipeline replacement are best handled by professionals.


Your toilet, faucet, bathtub, shower, and plumbing system are some of the most used fixtures in your home. Due to wear and tear and soap and hair accumulation, they can cause plumbing emergencies like those listed above. Instead of attempting to repair them on your own, hire experienced plumbers to prevent costly and inconvenient mistakes.

Be ready for any plumbing emergency by seeking emergency plumbing services by Emergency Plumbing & Heating. Our team of licensed and insured contractors offers plumbing repair and installation at affordable rates in Canada and the US. Contact us to request a quote or schedule an appointment!

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