Bracing for the Holidays: 3 Plumbing Preparations to Do

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The upcoming holidays are a chance for people to gather and spend time with each other. This is usually when families get together, with people holed up in school and work getting their much-needed rest to hang out with their relatives. It can also be a breather for companies to switch from being in work mode to introduce some fun and celebrations once and a while.

Since it’s not the best idea to gather in public areas due to COVID-19, most of our festivities will mostly be inside homes. Although it provides a more comfortable and casual setting, house parties can be very stressful for your home’s plumbing. If you’re planning to be a host for a holiday party, you may want to brace your plumbing to avoid any mishaps during the celebration.

How to prepare your home’s plumbing for holiday

Being a host for a house party makes you the center of attention for the event. Nevertheless, this also puts you with a massive responsibility of providing for your guests’ needs. Besides seating, food, and drinks, you should also maintain your plumbing. The more people you bring over, the more likely your pipelines can have problems due to overuse.

Before your guests arrive at your doorstep, here are three plumbing preparations you should do:

1. Provide extra trash bins

It can be an unhealthy habit to throw trash like cigarette butts down the toilet. When you’re inviting friends or acquaintances over to your home, you should be ready to provide extra toilet paper and extra trash bins to match the number of people. These extra bins should account for bathroom waste like cotton swabs, disposable wipes, and feminine hygiene products.

Make it a point to inform your guests about your bathroom trash cans or leave a note inside your bathrooms so that they will avoid flushing anything down the toilet. You may want to replace these trash bins a few hours into your party to ensure that you won’t have an overflow of trash.

2. Keep a plunger and auger for emergencies

Even though you have preventative measures in place, you can still experience some plumbing issues during the day of the event. These emergencies can be due to different causes and fixtures, from clogged sinks to blocked toilets. This is why it’s best to keep an auger or plunger to dislodge any soils and substances in your drains and pipelines.

3. Keep your guests away from your garbage disposal

After every party, the cleanup can be a considerable task to do by yourself. The piles of plates, dishes, and cups may be too much for you to handle. Generally, some polite houseguests may offer to help clean your home. Although they can help you remove tables and picking up trash, you should keep them away from your garbage disposal. Even though you’re dealing with a huge amount of food waste, you shouldn’t use the garbage disposal for solid food waste. If your guests end up mishandling it, you may have a clogged drain that can be problematic if you’ll be hosting another party soon.


It’s best to keep all your home’s amenities in working order, especially if you’re planning to invite guests over to your home. Having any inconveniences like power interruptions or even inactive Wi-Fi can be embarrassing as a party host. This is why preparing your home in advance for predictable inconveniences, such as plumbing issues, will keep the party and fun going throughout the holiday season.

Thankfully, you can hire professionals to assist you during your emergencies at your party. At Emergency Plumbing and Heating, we provide drain cleaning services for your plumbing concerns. Contact our plumbing experts today, and we’ll be sure to give you a hassle-free and efficient solution.

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